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  • roux-institute-news

    The Roux Institute’s Future of Healthcare Founder Residency to jumpstart Maine’s health tech industry

    Apr. 27, 2023 | NGN
  • 032423_MM_Katherine_Kikta_1400 (1)

    Northeastern student, passionate about social entrepreneurship, wins Pickering International Affairs Fellowship

    Mar. 24, 2023 | NGN
  • WISE-summit-news

    Northeastern WISE Summit aims to bring women ‘one step closer’ to entrepreneurial goals

    Mar. 09, 2023 | NGN
  • roux_techstar_1400

    Northeastern partners with global platform for entrepreneurship to launch the Roux Institute Techstars Accelerator

    Feb. 22, 2021 | NGN
  • scout_team_mtg

    Northeastern recognized for excellence in fostering entrepreneurship

    Jun. 13, 2018 | NGN

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