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$1B+ raised by ventures in our ecosystem over the last 15 years

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  • HealthTech


    119 is a patent-pending communication tool that is a medical alert system that utilizes bystanders to help those experiencing recurring medical events.

  • airefresco-logo

    Health & Wellness


    Airefresco is the first company to develop science-based diagnostics and intervention programs to aid organizations and individuals to promote mental health.

  • Business Services


    Alia helps small companies tell their stories to potential customers. Customers can find small businesses that fit their values.

  • Alpine-logo

    Real Estate

    Alpine Start Development

    Alpine Start Development is a real estate development and investment firm, with a focus on ground-up multifamily and mixed-use projects in North and Central Texas.

  • HealthTech

    Althea Health

    Althea Health is a healthtech startup aiming to revolutionize how patients communicate with their providers and navigate through the healthcare system through the power of conversational AI.

  • HealthTech

    Apriqot LLC

    Apriqot is a platform that produces population health estimates and assessments that are dynamic, ready-on-demand, and integrable with local data.

  • archprinting-logo

    Business Services

    Arch Printing

    Arch Printing specializes in providing CLP support and advice, under the EU legislation, for small/independent businesses.

  • EdTech

    Atrium Campus

    Atrium Campus is reimagining campus card management.

  • benswiccares-logo

    Consumer Goods

    Benswic Cares

    Benswic Cares makes personalized kits that touch on all aspects of self-care: mental, physical, spiritual, and social.

  • better-than-belts-logo

    Consumer Goods

    Better Than Belts

    Better Than Belts is a modern suspenders brand focused on designing versatile products and supporting American manufacturing.

  • App


    Blacket is a Black-owned social media platform that lets you book services and buy products with ease.

  • MarTech

    Blue Ink Digital

    Blue Ink Digital is a lead generation and data analytics firm based in Boston.

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