What is Pathfinder?

Pathfinder is a new extracurricular program that Mosaic launched for incoming Northeastern freshmen this year. The program aims to give students the tools and confidence to pursue their passion while learning from the best: their peers. Pathfinder is meant to be an introduction to all things Mosaic for new students. Through roundtable discussions, interactive workshops and a final project, our Pathfinder participants are developing an interdisciplinary community of students across the colleges.

Pathfinder has 3 components: 


This semester,  “roundtables” of 10 students each, with interdisciplinary and diverse backgrounds are meeting each week to discuss their goals and thoughts around becoming a part of Northeastern’s entrepreneurial community. The goal of these peer groups is to create a support system to hold members accountable for personal growth and passion exploration over the course of the semester.


The next part of Pathfinder is our Workshops. These are a series of virtual seminars where upperclassmen from the various Mosaic organizations talk about their area of expertise. Topics range from networking tips to website development. The goal of these workshops is to give students a taste of all that Mosaic has to offer across a range of business, leadership and community building opportunities.

Anyone can join our workshops, no matter what year you are in! Here is what we have coming up:

The Standup: Teamwork + Communication – We’ll dive into teamwork: how to make it work, what to look out for, and how to be a good team player.

Intro to Learning Web Development – Scout teaches us how to LEARN web development. There’s a definite mindset to learning how to code, and this is a great place to start.

Road to the Makies

This is what we are calling our final project. During the Spring semester, students will leverage their new skills, access to the entrepreneurship ecosystem and learnings from the peer-to-peer roundtables while building something of their own. This final project series will be a peer led process where students will receive feedback from their new community as they conceive, build and present their creation.

Visit our Pathfinder page to learn more!

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