Venture Founders: Taryn Livingstone

ClickiTz is a house-building toy that inspires creativity, free thinking, and tactile maker skills in young girls. Taryn Livingstone, a mechanical engineering student at Northeastern University, saw the gender discrepancy in toy manufacturers’ offerings. Large corporations have primarily designed engineering and building products for boys, limiting girls to have the same opportunities to be makers. With ClickiTz, Taryn has been able to explore entrepreneurship through designing creative toys that will foster maker skills for young girls everywhere.

Most recently, Taryn was a client of Generate, the Mosaic organization focused on product design and development. She applied and was accepted into their Fall 2021 cohort of ventures where members of Generate assisted in prototyping ClickiTz toys. They explored many variations in 3D modeling and helped plan what would be needed to take her idea to manufacturing. Please see the photos below for the final prototype developed.

“I barely even knew what the word ‘founder’ meant until coming to Northeastern. My journey here was accelerated by both the framework the Mosaic organizations have built and more importantly the student-mentors who’ve supported me along the way,” says Livingstone.

ClickiTz toys are more relevant than ever, as parents hope to provide equal opportunities for their children to explore all interests, regardless of gender. Taryn is currently the Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at the Sherman Center and an active leader within the Entrepreneurs Club.

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