Year after year we are impressed by all that our Mosaic students do. Turns out BostInno is as well! And every year we are so proud of our students recognized on their 25 Under 25 list. This year five of our Mosaic students made the cut.

BostInno 25 Under 25

The BostInno 25 Under 25 list seeks to highlight some of the brightest young leaders in Massachusetts each year. Congratulations to Eliana Berger, Kyle Dolce, Vidhan Bhaiya, Karan Kishorepuria, and Miracle Olatunji for their place on the 2020 list!

Eliana Berger (19) – co-founder of Envision, venture partner at Contrary Capital

From founding WISE to starting a student business accelerator called Envision, Eliana is asserting herself as a young business leader in Massachusetts and beyond!

Kyle Dolce (23) – investment analyst at Glasswing Ventures, venture director at Northeastern student accelerator IDEA

Kyle began his entrepreneurial journey at our in house venture accelerator, IDEA and has since built upon those experiences at Glasswing Ventures evaluating potential investments.

Vidhan Bhaiya (22) – founder of Dr. Brinsley

Another student who started in IDEA, Vidhan is on a mission to make life better for diabetics. last year he launched a company called Dr. Brinsley, which manufactures a range of high-performance footwear for diabetics.

Karan Kishorepuria (22) – president of NUImpact

Karan has always had his sights set on the business world. He has been able to dive into his passion via NUImpact. NUImpact is a financial educational fund that provides students with the opportunity to make social investments at Northeastern.

Miracle Olatunji (20) – founder of OpportuniMe, author of "Purpose: How To Live and Lead With Impact"

Author and founder, Miracle is a busy 20-year-old. She was honored by the Mayor's Office this spring as an EXTRAOrdinary Woman during the city's International Women's Day Celebration and was recently part of Barbie's #YouCanBeAnything #MoreRoleModels campaign.