Northeastern incubates student, alumni, and faculty ventures by providing the necessary tools and resources to support the rapid development of business concepts into self-sustaining or investment-ready ventures. The primary channel for venture incubation at Northeastern is IDEA, our student-run venture accelerator.



Student-led Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University

Mosaic is an alliance of student-led organizations that support venture incubation at Northeastern University. Northeastern has a thriving entrepreneurship ecosystem with hundreds of early stage startups starting and launching across the university. Northeastern’s students have an extraordinary impact on the incubation of these early stage ventures. Our students have created programs and organizations within their colleges to offer many discipline-specific resources that new ventures require throughout their development.

Northeastern University IDEA


Founded in 2009, IDEA is a student-run venture accelerator that helps students, faculty, and alumni of the Northeastern community start businesses. IDEA guides ventures through a stage-gate process to develop their business, and introduces entrepreneurs to the resources they need: student coaches, experienced mentors, and leading service providers that provide legal, accounting, and marketing expertise. IDEA also provides “gap funding” to ventures to achieve specific business and technology milestones.

Funding Opportunities

Opportunities for early-stage ventures at Northeastern

The Gap Fund
IDEA’s Gap Fund is designed to award non-equity grants of up to $10,000 to high potential ventures that have identified “gaps” between their current position and what must be accomplished if they are to grow. There are six Gap Funding rounds each year and ventures in the last stage of IDEA’s stage-gate process are eligible to apply.

The Prototype Fund
The Prototype Fund provides specialized awards for prototype development — often technical in nature. This fund is open to all Northeastern students, faculty, and alumni ventures, and is not limited to IDEA ventures.