Global Entrepreneurship Week 2021

Monday, November 8th – Sunday, November 14th

Masterclasses in Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship: Demystifying Product-market Fit

Monday, November 8th (12:00-1:00pm EST)

Join online through Zoom

We see products everywhere—in commercials, on walks, and even in our hands. But they don’t just appear out of nowhere. Products come from people, ideas, manufacturing processes, and research. Through their experiences acting as product manager at Google, CEO at a supply chain company, and founder of a jewelry company featured on the TODAY Show, Vogue, Cosmo, and more, Andreea Bodnari, Michelle Peters, and Trisha Okubo, respectively, know the ins and outs of the many areas of the ever-growing product industry.

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Monday, November 8th (7:00-10:00pm EST)

In-Person at ISEC, or join online through Zoom

Please join us for a celebration of entrepreneurship at and around Northeastern University! At NEXPO, 40 ventures from across IDEA, Northeastern, and Boston, are invited to showcase their startups in front of peers, customers, and investors. This year, for the first time ever, IDEA will be unvailing NEXPITCH. In this portion of NEXPO, four select startups will pitch live to a panel of investors for pre-seed funding. Come to watch, learn, and become inspired to change the world.

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Mosaic Social

Tuesday, November 9th (6:00-8:00pm EST)

300 Massachusetts Ave (Internal for Mosaic Organizations)

A meeting of the minds for all of our entrepreneurial organizations on campus: The Mosaic Social will be held in Boston’s historic Horticultural Hall and include 10+ student groups. In the wake of NEXPO, many ventures will be joining to see these student-led groups and learn about what they have been working on all semester.

Building a Winning Startup Team

Wednesday, November 10th (12:00-1:00pm EST)

Online event through Microsoft Teams

“It’s all about the team.” The common refrain heard when talking startups …. but … How? Who? When?

Learn best practices from established experts about how to identify, recruit, and empower the right people for your early-stage venture while avoiding critical missteps.

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Global Entrepreneurship Week Panel: Storytelling for Early Stage Startups

Wednesday, November 10th (5:00-6:00pm EST)

Online event through Zoom

Join us for an engaging discussion exploring internal and external storytelling for early stage startups. Panelist perspectives will range from entrepreneurial to investor to educator and cover the importance of data analytics in storytelling as well as understanding your audience.

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Post-GEW Events

Masterclasses in Innovation, Leadership and Entrepreneurship:

Networking & Team Building

Monday, November 15th (12:00-1:00pm EST)

Join online through Zoom

You can’t become an A company with a B team. Finding the right synergy and balance with your people is crucial to success. By providing assistance with self-awareness tools, actionable professional networking strategies, and career trajectory anecdotes, Adero Miwo, Dana Kaplan, and Diane Darling are paving the way for women to take their networking and team building appearances to the next level.

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Fall 2021 Demo Day (Husky Startup Challenge)

Wednesday, November 17th (6:00-8:15pm EST)

Curry Student Center Ballroom

The event features the top 12 student-led startups from the Fall 2021 Cohort of the Husky Startup Challenge. These early-stage startups have worked hard all semester to turn their world-changing ideas into a reality through a series of bootcamps. At Demo Day, they’ll compete for more than $6,000 in cash prizes & other resources in front of judges and a live audience!

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